We help great and aspiring brands like yours to pre-vetted suppliers & manufacturers.

With Manuport - whatever you'd like to create, we connect you to properly vetted manufacturers to ensure you get the best price-quality ratio for your production.

From fabric to ready-made catalog, our in-house proprietary system speed up your lead time up to 5x.

We help empower your business and connect you to sustainable, responsible manufacturers nationwide.


Tech Enabled Solutions For Better Production

We've worked with the local leading teams for years, and delivered more high-quality production than anybody else.

Brands-Manufacturers Matchmaking

Our streamlined process and workflow offers up to 10x faster in sourcing pre-vetted, sustainable manufacturers across the country - enabling you to access the information and materials you need in a fraction of the time and cost in launching your brand.

Faster In-App Design & Development

With Manuport, you'll be able to streamline the process of designing and visualizing your clothing, saving time and resources compared to traditional physical prototyping. From pattern creation to generating final outputs and textures into production-ready files for your garment, our tools enable you to move swiftly production at no time.

End-to-End Visibility

Our innovative system offers up to 10x faster sourcing, enabling you to access the information, materials, or goods you need in a fraction of the time. With advanced technology, optimized workflows, and streamlined processes, you’ll experience a dramatic improvement in efficiency and productivity.

Manuport At A Glance

See why we're loved by small to medium brands when it comes to managing their production.
Faster Sourcing
Faster Design & Development
Unnecessary Follow Ups
days in sampling

Interested to start your brand today?

Manuport simplifies the entire process by connecting you with a network of trusted manufacturers who can help you launch your brand and take it to the next level. Fill in the form for free consultation today and we'll be excited to help you.

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